Website major update!

Well, that sure took a long time

A few months ago I switched back to my .com domain, that was mine until some time in 2013 I think. I had lost many years ago and managed to buy. Since there are quite a few projects happening simultaneously, I’m planning to write once or twice weekly, so you can definitely sign-up for a newsletter.

Lots of new content

For the past few years I’ve shared lots of my personal life mostly on Facebook and I’m planning to fill

What will I be writing about?

I’m planning to write some personal thoughts about creativity, education, technology and other things. If you’re interested in asking a specific question, you can do it in Quora, where I’m also active once or twice weekly. The topics that I try to cover there are mainly about 3dsMax, Animation, V-Ray, Bulgaria and a few small other things.

Why in English?

Although I’m Bulgarian and quite proud of my nationality, I’m forcing myself to write everything in English and later with the help of friends will try some editing and translations. I’ve started a few initiatives and found out its better to be prepared first for a broader audience.

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